Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to Place an Order [section still under construction]

Our email address for all purchase orders and product inqueries is or by personal message on our facebook page!/pages/Abayaat-Al-Omaniyia-by-Pixie/307575166000484  .

For product inqueries please follow this link for a guide of how to take your measurments for an abaya order [link will be placed later]. Whether you are making a purchase or are requesting information about a featured product, you MUST include your measurements. After you make an order with us, we will keep your measurements on file with your personal information for your future convenience, so you must keep us up to date on any changes in measurement specifications so we can guarantee you a quality custom fit everytime. In your inquery for a complete price quote including shipping you must include your postal address for delivery and a phone number for your contact information.

For shipping costs please follow this link [] Follow this link for exchange rate estimate guide [] For all purchase orders, you must select your preferred payment method. Follow this link for payment methods [ ] This is what your email purchase order should look like, feel free to copy& paste: [] For purchase orders or inqueries, the subject heading of your email should read: PO If you have any questions about how to place an order with us, and what we need to in order to take your order, please leave your comments here, on this specific post. Jazzakallahkheir

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