Sunday, June 24, 2012

Plain Unembellished "Fishtail" Design Abaya

Front Veiw
Plain back bisht sleeve, veiwed from the front.
Wider sleeve finished with "rosy" chiffon fabric. Veiwed from the back.
Back Veiw

 ****Unembellished "Fish-tail" Abaya**** item code: plainfishtail1
Made of light and lovely flowing Nida-type fabric. Available with bisht sleeves or wide sleeves, and V-neck or mandarin collar. Your choice of colour for chiffon on the wide sleeve option.

Price: 30.000 Omani rials (Prices in Omani rials) ***THIRTY OMANI RIALS***. Please check the exchange rate to know the price in your currency. 

For extra charge, this abaya can be subject to customized trims, laces, and other finishings, ect.

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