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PRODUCT: Real Sunnah Kohl pure and handmade

DO NOT COPY THIS PHOTO OR REPOST ANYWHERE ON THE NET!!!. This is a very tired Pixie (me) modelling the looks that are acheived with the real kohl cosmetic I both sell and wear myself along with my husband. It is handmade by women from his very traditional Omani family through a very labourous process and I am lucky to be able to provide it as it is quite rare and almost impossible to find through the internet and even in Oman itself unless you know the women who make it. {Just a sidenote: the redness in my eyes is caused from my baby girl staying up all night, not the kohl;) } 
Pure sunnah kohl made with atamad (not lead, artificial minerals, or squid ink). ***Price: will be available soon, I am still finalising packaging details.***
All Abayaat Al Omaniyia's kohl is handmade and guaranteed pure of any hamrful substances; it is kohl and oil to make it into paste. ALL genuine kohl is a deep black colour and will feel cool to the eye when first applied.
What comes with your order: 1 kohl pot, and 1 kohl applicator stick
It is hygenically packaged in plastic cosmetic lidded pots which come vacume sealed in plastic wrap with labelling and sticker on the bottom to tell you the recommended expiry date. A plastic wrapped application kohl-stick arrives alongside. These two items will probably be taped together for shipping purposes. 1 kohl pot usually lasts me 6 months or more as very little kohl is needed to darken the eye rim and tends to be more durable for wear in the eye's waterline/rim than a regular black kohl eyeliner pencil {i.e it doesn't need as many touch-ups}.
Abayaat Al Omaniyia kohl stock ready for shipping.

What you should know about real kohl: Authentic kohl is made from a ground mineral substance Arab's call "atamad" and is mixed [occasionally with other herbs and] a kind of oil or fat. Depending on the type of oil, is how much chance the real Kohl has of running. In Oman it is usually mixed with ANIMAL FAT from the goat [totally halal and hygenic]. I (and my husband) personally wear this kind of kohl. It can also be made with olive oil, or even water ect... but that makes it too runny and has to be mixed for each individual use, which, let's face it, is a total hassle. So this is how I and all the Saudi and Omani women I know wear it. ***If you are a vegetarian against eating animals or using animal products you won't want my kohl---even though all village goats are free range, and killed humanely and in a halal manner by our supervised Muslim farm staff***.
Traditionally it is kept in ornate kohl pots in the Khaleej and is worn even to this day, by both young and old (babies and my Omani grandmothers), and men and women. For pricing reasons, I sought out plastic containers for you ladies to make kohl for accessible. But if you DO want me to source you a traditional kohl pot, that I can also do, if price is no issue;). I am also trying to find the more affordable carved wooden Moroccan ones.
How the sunnah Kohl is applied: The applicator stick is dipped and coated in the kohl then it is dragged across the inner rim of the eye and also the upper if one would like. Basically just like a regular eyeliner pencil only the genuine kohl is too soft to keep in pencil form and thus needs a stick for application. This is how it was worn in the time of the Prophet Mohammed sallalahu alahi wa salaam, and this is how he recommended it to be worn.

Stylistically speaking, one CAN also exagerate the shape of the eyes with the kohl by drawing a shape around the eyes as in the picture shown but this is not the way wearing kohl is recommended and practically speaking, the kohl is a creamy consistancy and will smudge all over the place if used in the aforementioned manner without setting practically speaking, the kohl is a creamy consistancy and will smudge all over the place if used in the aforementioned manner without setting it with a modern eyeshadow powder in a dark shade.

Many types of "kohl" are sold as the authentic kind but even IN the Gulf, I have only encountered it made locally in traditional areas, as the real kind. Buying online you have to be careful that the seller is not cheapening the kohl by adding harmful herbs or thickeners to darken the shade and not using real atamad, or in fact selling the Bedouin kohl which is also ancient but not made with atamad but squid's ink. Which can be worn but is not of the sunnah.

I am lucky to have my own family members making this stuff still so it is absolutely genuine.
Coming soon: [link here]

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